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Brown Family 12/08/2016Reno, NV
Garcia Family 11/19/2016Reno, NV
High Family 11/14/2016Reno, NV
Owen Family 11/14/2016Reno, NV
Shearer Family 11/14/2016Reno, NV
Nischick Family 11/13/2016Reno, NV
Riley Family 11/11/2016Reno, NV
Parrott Family 11/10/2016Reno, NV
Skuse Family 11/10/2016Reno, NV
Melson Family 11/07/2016Reno, NV
Lamb Family 11/01/2016Reno, NV
Hicks/Tolotti Family 10/29/2016Reno, NV
MacDonald 10/23/2016Reno, NV
Bryan Family 10/18/2016Reno, NV
Wyss Session 09/28/2016Reno, NV
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My name is Val. I was born and raised in Reno, Nv. I attended three universities resulting in a psychology degree. I teach, play, and interact with children all day long. I will never part from my macro lens and chocolate is part of my food group pyramid. My goal with any session or photo project I may have is to capture the true essence of the subject. Ideally, I would love each session to be where I spend the whole day following your family, but since this isn’t possible I try to spend as much time talking with you to get a feel of exactly what kind of images you are hoping to walk away with. Valerie Lemieux is a Reno photographer specializing in portrait event photography and lifestyle. In 2010, she shot the RGJ Journal Jog and then in 2011, she shot the Rock N River marathon. Aside from commercial work, Valerie also shoots for charity and non-profit organizations. Portfolio: